Tramore (Ireland)

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Tramore is Waterfords beach resort and at first glance a bit of a dump. The thing is, once you take your time and get out of the car you will without the shadow of a doubt discover the beach. At once you do, you know what this place is all about. They call it the Irish Riviera.

Tramore beach is awesome. It is 3 miles long and the dunes are up to 30 meters high. That’s not all. As part of the beach front they built a 50 acre amusement park. Guess what it contains: amusements. In fact the amusement park not only contains the amusements – by the way I read this exact description on a website and it was cracking me up so I wanted to share it with you – so not only contains the amusement park amusements but also a miniature railway and a boating lake. That obviously makes you wanna go there does it?

Well I checked this place out and it is slightly more exciting than the description suggested. Everything there is crazy and super and extreme. Take for example -the gigantic Ferris Wheel, Mega Spin Waltzer, Extreme Afterburner, The Crazy Mouse Spinning Roller Coaster and The Super Paratrooper. That sounds like fun!

Riviera or not – this still is Ireland and the weather rotten. Beach alone is not enough. The purpose of the town seems to be to attract family holiday makers so indoor entertainment is a must. Splashworld is a good example. It is an indoor water world right at Railway Square. Admission is not exactly cheap but within reason:

2 Adult & 3 Children €35
1 Adult & 3 Children €28

Other places of interest would be the Pottery Place, Run Amuck (an indoor playground), the Tramore Indoor Market and of course a few golf courses. You get a b it of nightlife as well. At its best it allegedly is during the three main festivals.

Other than that: There are fairly good connections to nearby Waterford meaning you don’t actually have to stay in Tramore. If you are not on family holidays with your seven kids you may find this good news.



  1. Tramore is on the Irish south coast.
  2. Tramore is considered Waterford beach ressort.
  3. The town is a popular holiday destination for families.
  4. It is situated at the Irish Riviera.
  5. Most famous on Tramore bay is the “Metal Man”.
  6. Tramore bay is popular with surfers.
  7. The dialling code is: 051.